Tom’s Dungeon can now be rented with a Bed and Breakfast room for overnight stays. Come enjoy the Dungeon you’ve dreamed of its time to have some fun.

You and Your Date will be welcomed to enjoy the dungeon fully equipped with Cages,  a Rotating St Andrews Cross, a huge Rack. And the Infamous arch where so many have lost their Virginity in my movies. Your slave can kneel at the Penis Alter before you go to it. Its time you enjoyed the experience of a life time with Tom “Ropes” McGurk himself to welcome and assist if needed. Bring your camera and fire away you’ll be the envy of your friends. Make your own movie, who knows?

The rental will be $300 per night, with no refunds for cancellation’s. Make sure of your dates before booking, late arrival are welcome. And I will set the Dungeon up to your custom specifications, with sling etc.

To reserve your spot or ask any question, click here to email Tom or fill out the form below.